Little Book of Botanical Crafts will help you kickstart this holiday season! Packed with autumnal and winter crafts, …
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The post Little Book of Botanical Crafts: 5 All-Natural Seasonal Projects appeared first on Garden Therapy.Little Book of Botanical Crafts will help you kickstart this holiday season! Packed with autumnal and winter crafts, …
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The post Little Book of Botanical Crafts: 5 All-Natural Seasonal Projects appeared first on Garden Therapy.Read MoreGarden Therapy

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and ingredients you can’t pronounce! Big Book of Botanical Crafts contains easy, inexpensive candle, cleaning, and skincare recipes and projects you can feel good about. Through the projects, you’ll connect to the power of plants while treating yourself to some self-care. As a bonus, I also have an extra five holiday-themed projects that you can download this instant!

My life has changed a lot just in the past year. My chronic pain disease relapsed, and I had to move from my home of over ten years and adjust to the world opening up again. I once again turned to herbalism and garden therapy to help support my body and mind.

A big part of that was making self-care a priority. I always make my own plant-based, natural products, whether I’m applying it to the skin, cleaning the house with it, or burning it in the air. The act of making the products itself is therapeutic, as you use your hands, slow down, and breathe in the smells of aromatherapy.

When Better Day Books approached me and told me they loved my previous work and wanted to make a huge compilation book, I knew it was the perfect time for this kind of book. Now more than ever, people are becoming conscious of what ingredients go in their products and how to make their own recipes.

So let me introduce you to Big Book of Botanical Crafts! Inside, you’ll find a range of skin and body products, candles, and cleaners that will help you reconnect with nature and eliminate harsh chemicals from your daily routine. All the projects are easy to follow with step-by-step instructions, and use ingredients and tools you likely already have at home!

When working on the book, I dedicated Big Book of Botanical Crafts to you. Yes, you! For also taking the time to nurture yourself and spend time connecting to nature, all while making wonderful things. You deserve to delve into self-care through crafting and natural products too!

What’s Inside Big Book of Botanical Crafts

Big Book of Botanical Crafts is a compilation of 3 of my other books: Home Apothecary, Home Candle Making, and Soaps, Sanitizers, and Cleaners. When working on this compilation, I also added a ton of new content.

I dove much deeper into plants’ herbal benefits and properties, much like I do here on Garden Therapy. I also included a herbal appendix, notes pages, and expanded instructions and tips for each project. So if you already have one of the smaller books, you’ll still get plenty of value out of this big book!

Inside, you’ll find 32 projects and recipes that you can all make from home, including cleaners, candles, natural cleaning, and skincare products. Here are just a few projects you can make:

Floral bath bombs
Double chocolate mint lip balm
Peppermint coconut sugar scrub
Warming cappuccino candle
Jam jar candle favours
Seashell tea lights
Tea tree and peppermint toilet bombs
Reusable lemon and rosemary kitchen and bathroom wipes
Aloe and witch hazel hand sanitizer gel
And more!

Big Book of Botanical Crafts hits shelves on November 22, but it’s available for pre-order now. And for those who pre-order, I’ve got a very special bonus for you!

Meet Little Book of Botanical Crafts!

As always, I like to give my Garden Therapy readers a little bonus and thank you for pre-ordering the book. Every time you pre-order a book, you tell the booksellers that this is a book people are interested in, so when it does come out, they have ordered plenty of books to go around!

Since Big Book of Botanical Craftscomes outon November 22, I wanted to give you something to give you a jump start on the holiday season. Little Book of Botanical Crafts has five entirely new projects spanning 25 pages. Yes, you get a whole mini ebook of extra holiday-themed projects. All as a thank you for pre-ordering my book!

The little book is a PDF, so you can instantly download and save it to your computer. Then, you can print the pages and tuck them into your Big Book of Botanical Crafts once it arrives.

When the book releases on November 22, it will ship out to you, and you’ll get it before the holidays. You can keep it for yourself for self-care and gift-making, or use it as a gift itself! But until then, Little Book of Botanical Crafts will give you something to work on ahead of the holiday season.

How to Get Little Book of Botanical Crafts

If you want a copy of Little Book of Botanical Crafts, the only way to get it is by pre-ordering Big Book of Botanical Crafts.

So first, order the book through your retailer of choice. Once you’ve done so, come back here and enter your order number in the form. You’ll then get an email with instant access to the PDF of the little book!

I’m so excited about this little book! It’s such an awesome bonus for readers as it gives you a taste of what’s to come ahead and get in the holiday mood crafting gifts and projects. It’s truly just as stunning as the big edition and will be an excellent tool for crafting all on its own.

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