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Green Sprouts Of Spruce Or Fir-tree Tree Plant With Leaf, Leaves

Planting Trees in the Pacific Northwest: A Guide for Your Garden

The Pacific Northwest (PNW), a region known for its lush landscapes and diverse ecosystems, offers a unique gardening experience for tree enthusiasts. From majestic conifers ...
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Austin interior design on display at Tribeza Interiors Tour

February 22, 2024 I love interior design almost as much as garden design. And so every January I look forward to stepping inside some of ...
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A garden with your coffee at Cosmic Saltillo

February 24, 2024 For a few years, I’ve been wanting to visit Cosmic, a coffee shop and beer garden in South Austin, mainly for its ...
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Earliest spring flowers are popping

February 27, 2024 Spring has arrived in earnest in Austin, and it feels about two weeks early. Is that right, long-time Austinites? Temps have been ...
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Read This: Du Pont Gardens of the Brandywine Valley

February 29, 2024 At the Philadelphia Area Fling last September (click here for my posts about it), attendees were given a copy of new book ...
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Early spring walk at Lady Bird Lake

March 01, 2024 The trail around Lady Bird Lake was pink, brown, and blue last weekend. Peach trees were flowering against a bluebird sky. Bald ...
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