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Gardening and planting

From Basil Trouble To Bounty

I have mentioned before how we accidentally poisoned our garden. It was from a carryover herbicide hiding in manure and hay. An innocent enough additive

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I Like Spinach

Impatient gardener that I am, I often plant starts when it comes to vegetables, but I made an exception for spinach. Yes, I like spinach

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Vegetarian Wannabe

I have tried to be a vegetarian, really. I once tried in college but the allure of bacon was like a siren’s song that could

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A Plethora Of Veggies

Most gardeners have experienced a year where the crops are so verdant and abundant, you must scramble to preserve them. Witness the piles of zucchini

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Cool Coastal Climes

I’m spoiled. My home is 25 miles (40 km.) southeast of Los Angeles, 15 miles (24 km.) northwest of the Pacific Ocean, and – like

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